Incident management

Real time incident, first aid and hazard reporting with email configurable response

Report incidents and hazards with ease

Reporting of incident, accidents and hazards can be undertaken by anyone including external persons with ease. Email notifications can be sent to key people dependant on the type of incident.

  • Features include document attachments, email notifications and injury identification
  • Create configurable email alerts and reports

  • Simple investigation process with integrated RIDDOR reporting to relevant authorities

  • Additional incident module for the reporting of service user incidents (Retail, Education and service sectors)

Full mobile ready reporting

Report incidents anywhere using any device.

  • Our incident reporting allows anyone to complete a report at the time of the incident
  • Attach images directly from a phone or upload

  • Our innovative data connectivity software allows all of our modules to be used on or offline over Wi-fi, 3g or 4g

Total incident compliance

Easily report an incident with images, documents, actions, first aid information and injury maps .

  • Configurable email distribution ensures the right people know immediately
  • Investigation, root cause and closure processes ensure that audit compliant records are maintained

  • Print, download data and review metrics with powerful data analytics tools

Submission history and audit

All user data is available through the dashboards.

  • Users can easily track their incident from their dashboard
  • Reports can be shared with automated and scheduled email distribution
  • Export data into PDF or Microsoft Office facilitating automated reporting, real-time information sharing and decision making
  • No more manual incident reporting or timely investigations

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